Nick Brandt is a professional photographer, He photographs exclusively in Africa. Nick Brandt likes to take black and white photos of animals with dramatic landscapes. Nick Brandt is also very brave because he also gets really close to the animal as you see it in the photo. Nick Brandt loves animals and he says he wants to photograph them before they go instinct and he wants to show the people what they look like In their natural habitat.

Early life

Nick Brandt didn’t start taking photographs, he was filming music videos and such. But then in 1995 Nick fell in love with animals and the land that was in east Africa. Throughout the next few years Nick was frustrated that he couldn’t capture his feeling and emotion for the love of animals on film. But then he realized that there was one way that he could show his emotion for the love for animals through photography.

Nick Brandt and his photography


Nick Brandt has a unique style when he takes photos, for starters he does not use telephoto lenses so that he can really get close the animal because when he does he feels that he can capture the emotion and spirit of the animal better. He said you wouldn’t take a photo of a human being from 50 feet away, no you would move in close, and that’s how he feels with the animals. Nick specializes in Animals with dramatic landscapes and he loves to make them black and white. Nick says that he takes photos of these animals to show people how they once were before they are no longer there and he also says that the animals have as much right to live than a human. He also has a non profit charity for the animals to stop poaching in Africa. Nick Brandt is one of the best photographers.