What exactly is Livery Car?

You might have not heard much about the term “Livery Car” but we are sure that you would have used it many a times even without knowing about it. There is no standard definition of these cars, these are somewhat different than the normal and regular taxi service. The livery car service is now fading away because of regular taxi and their history of associated problems.

Livery car is also a car service but a bit different from a regular taxi which you expect to hire while travelling. The understanding varies from country to country but some basic facts and fundamentals remain same. Some of the things which all the livery cars have in common is the fact they need to be booked in advanced unlike a normal taxi. Another peculiar mark is the condition of the car or cab. They too needs to be registered as a “taxi” from the concerned government department just like a taxi or other passenger vehicle.

How is livery car different from a regular taxi?

Livery car requires you to “pre-book” them as these are not used for all day operations. In case of a taxi you can find them on taxi stand, through mobile app services like Uber or Ola or even you can board a taxi right from the roadside, these taxi charge you on the basis of traveled distance. In case of a livery car the price is flat and informed to the customer beforehand. You can consider it like taking a taxi for a fixed price which is negotiated between the taxi operator and the user. Taxi are seldom used for long or very long duration or distance which is not the case with livery cab.

Livery Car Service

What to expect while using livery car service?

Your livery car will be in better condition than a taxi. Depending on the price you pay the car will be far more better (taking into account the interior condition) and model booked. It give you more option to select the particular car you wish to travel by. Prices varies from operator to operator and depends on the route. These are not used as “sharing” car and does not allow carpooling in most of the cases.

Livery Car

These cars will have a “taxi” number plate (typically yellow) and yellow paint as in most of the countries depending on the rules of that country but the color of a livery car will be different from yellow, usually black or some other color combination. It’s not the case all the time as the rules vary from country to country but this is one of the most stark distinguishing mark when compared to taxi.